New PPP Poll: Jess King Makes PA-11 Single-Digit Race

Poll of PA-11 voters finds Jess King trailing Rep. Smucker by only 9 points – and closing the gap entirely after voters hear King’s message.

Lancaster, PA – A poll of PA-11 likely voters conducted by Public Policy Polling finds Jess King in a single-digit race with Rep. Lloyd Smucker, 35%-44%, with 21% of respondents still undecided. President Trump won PA-11 by nearly 26 points in the 2016 election.

Rep. Smucker’s lead over King nearly vanished when voters were given more information about each candidate. After voters heard that Rep. Smucker refuses to hold town halls and collects corporate PAC money, and heard that King declines all corporate PAC donations, the gap between the two candidates shrunk to a single point – with 19% of voters still undecided.

“Voters have a real hunger for a representative who will stand up to the establishment in both parties,” said Jess King. “Democrats, Republicans, and independents all are looking for someone who will work for the people of Pennsylvania – not the wealthy special interests who fund my opponent’s campaign.”

The PPP poll has more bad news for Rep. Smucker, beyond the race with King. Even before hearing King’s message, when asked whether Rep. Smucker deserved to be re-elected or whether someone new should take his seat, 41% of voters said re-elect Smucker and 41% of voters said someone new.

“It’s remarkable Jess King has made this race a single-digit contest less than two years after Trump won it by 26 points,” said Jim Williams, a PPP polling analyst. “And Rep. Smucker should be very concerned that – in such a historically Republican area – he is close to being underwater on favorability and as many voters want someone new as say he should be re-elected.”

“This race wasn’t seen as competitive six months ago,” said Becca Rast, the campaign manager with Jess King for Congress. “But as more and more voters hear Jess’ story and her vision for an America for all of us, we can see our grassroots campaign gaining a lot of ground very quickly.” Since Jess King began her run last summer, her campaign has hosted 51 public town halls and made over 400,000 phone calls to voters through volunteer-led phone banks. The campaign currently has over 25 volunteer-led teams running grassroots voter outreach operations across Lancaster and Southern York counties.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 552 voters in Pennsylvania’s 11th District from September 12th – 13th, 2018. The respondents were selected at random from registered voter lists. The sample was weighted to reflect expected 2018 voter turnout.  The margin of error for this poll is +/- 4.2%.